1. The Shadow Ørder has officially disbanded as of July 8, 2018. We had a good run. See here for the goodbye letter from Valen. Visit the home page for the brief history of the clan.

Infected Rules

There are two teams, Survivors and The Infected. Typically the game starts with one person as The Infected, and is allowed to use their lightsaber. The goal of the Infected is to hunt down and kill all of the survivors.

The survivors must keep their saber deactivated and they're not allowed to attack The Infected. The goal of the survivors is to obviously survive by any means besides fighting back. That means hide as best you can. Once dead, the Survivor will return as another Infected.

Every few minutes the event organizer will call out "SWITCH" to the survivors, and all survivors must switch their hiding spots if they have been camping in one spot.

The last survivor alive is allowed to pull out their lightsaber and fight The Infected (jumping allowed for everyone at this point). If any Infected die in any way (accident or by the last survivor) must spectate. Whoever wins the fight is the victor.

Usually a time limit of 15 is set. Once the time limit is reached, if any survivors are left, they win the round. This setting is optional according to the host.

The first person that was killed is The Infected next round, or chosen from volunteers.

This game is played on 1 map, currently: Eravana. All participants must stay in the underground bunker. Eventually we will have an area in the clan map for this event.

These rules must be followed:

  • Only jump over obstacles and people, no bunny hopping / strafe jumping.
  • No pickups allowed, get 100/25 HP at the start of the game if you don't have it already
  • All players start at the elevator and go down together. The Infected counts down from a minute and then goes down. If it's not AcademyV3 or Shadow Fortress, all survivors start in a room/area designated by the host.
  • No unsporty behavior. (insults, giving away hiding spots, etc.)
  • Infected must have their saber on at all times.
  • All players must have the Infected skin linked below.

Download Infected Skin
Download Eravana