1. The Shadow Ørder has officially disbanded as of July 8, 2018. We had a good run. See here for the goodbye letter from Valen. Visit the home page for the brief history of the clan.

Medic! Rules

The event takes place on a platform area, with a dangerous trap around it (either lava, acid, bottomless pit, etc). Each player lines up outside of the platform. One person starts out on the platform and is the "king." The next person in line joins them on the platform and they begin to duel. The first person that gets hit by a saber must retreat to the back of the line. The next person steps up and the cycle keeps going. The last person to survive wins the round and gets one point. First person to win 3 times wins the event.

Bullet points for additional rules:

  • All players start out with maximum health and shield (100/100) by using the health machine.
  • Only 2 people on the platform at all times.
  • Refusal to move to the back of the line after getting hit will result in a warning and then a kick from the server.
  • Once you hit your opponent once, back off and allow them to retreat. Hunting is not permitted.
  • You must use a model/skin that has injured sounds so its easier to tell that you have been hit.
  • Once you eventually die, you must either spectate or sit outside the platform and the participant line.
  • If both duelists hit each other at the same time, both must go to the back of the line and the next two players enter.
  • Saber must be off while in line. No attacking outside of the platform.
  • No running to get full health after the round has started. That is called cheating.
  • Server settings are generally set to ffa mode, forceregentime 200, saber only, no time limit or frag limit