1. The Shadow Ørder has officially disbanded as of July 8, 2018. We had a good run. See here for the goodbye letter from Valen. Visit the home page for the brief history of the clan.

Predator Rules

This game consists of two teams, the predators and the prey. The game starts with one player on the predator team (this is usually played in TFFA mode, but the starting team colors don't matter) and everyone else on the prey team. The predator must find and kill the prey.

Once the round starts, usually after everyone on the prey team has hidden, if any of the prey die (by predator, pits, elevators, etc), they must join the predator team and also hunt the prey. Predators have infinite lives, so falling into pits doesn't count against them. The prey can only run/jump away; they cannot fight the predators. Once the prey team is down to one person, that person wins the round. The one person team becomes the new predator team, with the winner of the last round becoming the new first predator.

Some other rules and things:

  • Only lightsabers are allowed. No hockeysticks, pickaxes, shovels, baseball bats, or other bludgeon-y weapons are allowed.
  • Pickups are disabled.
  • Hiding in map glitches (clipping through walls/roofs) is not allowed.
  • The prey team should not hit each other; however, leading predators to other prey in order to escape is fine.