1. The Shadow Ørder has officially disbanded as of July 8, 2018. We had a good run. See here for the goodbye letter from Valen. Visit the home page for the brief history of the clan.


We don't have many rules other than be friendly and treat people well. Disagreements are inevitable but don't warrant ill treatment. Any other thing on this page is encouraged but not strictly enforced.

Other guidelines include:

  • Don't be a jerk, first and foremost. The easiest and simplest rule. This includes creating a hostile environment towards others. Respect others and play nice.
  • Speak in English when possible. Occasional non-English conversations are fine.
  • Keep your Shadow Order tags in your name when on our server. You don't need to keep them on other servers, but do remember you represent our clan, even without them.
  • Multiclanning is not allowed, unless it is a non-clan competitive team, but if it affects your activity in this clan, you may be removed. You also won't be promoted past the Padawan rank.
  • Recruiting is allowed on our server, to an extent. Spamming recruitment messages, just like spamming anything, is annoying and won't be tolerated for long.
  • Try to stick with one name. If you use multiple aliases, make one your own, at least in this clan. It gets confusing to newcomers, and especially those that don't speak good English.
  • Swearing is allowed, but insults are not. Keep drama to a minimum. If you have an issue with a member, bring it to the attention of the council, take a break, cool off. Starting petty squabbles is silly.
  • The phenomenon known as "laming" does not exist on our servers. Laming is killing someone with their saber off and/or their chat bubble is up. Unless someone is genuinely getting upset about it, lame all you want.
  • Voting is enabled on the server, however if people deny your request for a map or gametype change, don't spam it. You could find yourself vote kicked for being obnoxious. And don't vote for a change if people are genuinely having a good time where they're at. Even if you get majority to vote for yours, those that didn't want it might never come back to our server.