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And we're back

Discussion in 'News' started by Valen, Sep 4, 2017.

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    It's no secret that this summer was our lowest activity as a clan ever. This is to be expected in any small clan in a game that's 14 years old. It's just how it is. People get burnt out, find other interests, get tired of it, etc. It happens, there's no getting around it. I think we stayed afloat pretty well compared to a lot of other clans our size, which is great. We were still active enough to avoid saying it was a hiatus.

    I wanted to address a few things in addition to acknowledging the above. Due to the low activity over the summer from both myself and pretty much everyone else, I decided to hold off on trials/promotions. I don't think its fair to trial someone who may have been active before but isn't anymore. I'd rather wait for a good time to get to those so they actually mean something rather than just check it off a list and get it out of the way. If you feel like you should have been trialed awhile ago but haven't yet, you're probably lumped into this. This happened before, so I realize it sounds like I just don't want to trial people, but it will probably happen again. I got a full time job at the beginning of the summer which led to a big life adjustment for me and the time and energy I could put into this clan. That hasn't changed but there will always be things happening in my life that will take my attention away from doing this, that's just how it will be.

    So my point is, trials will be starting up starting today. The past couple of weeks has shown our activity has bounced back fairly drastically. During the summer me and the current Jedi Knights have been working on trial stuff behind the scenes to make sure trials are done and ready to go. Lots of discussion and mapping was done.

    As part of the low activity of the past few months, obviously we stopped recruiting during that time. We've lost a few members as well from both lack of activity and resignations. We need to start thinking of gaining new members once again to start building up what we've lost. I've never wanted a big clan with dozens of members, but members will always be coming and going and we have to be looking out for good people to join us. Don't be shy or worry about being blunt, sometimes that's all it takes. Please don't be annoying about it or be a human advertisement. Don't recruit anyone that comes to our server, be sure to observe them first. :p

    Members now gone
    We've had a few members leave or get removed recently. Remember to those listed, you can always re-apply in the future, assuming you didn't leave on bad terms.
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    Other than all that stuff, a few small additional things.

    The clan map is going to go through an overhaul soon. We can still use the current one if we need to for events but a new one is coming and will have a whole new setting to it.

    Don't hesitate to venture out to other clan servers and make our clan known or just simply make friends with their members. We have a good relationship with JAWA already, so that's always a good place to go if our server is empty and you're looking for friends to play with.

    If you have a concern, question, or annoyance with anything happening in the clan or how things are being handled, please bring to my attention. I'd rather get out in front of issues and situations before they get worse or to the point where I can't even do anything about them. PM me on Discord or this forum. If you look at the past news posts you can see I can be pretty darn flexible with how this clan is run. If you want something changed, let's talk about it.
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    Glad to see activity is returning.