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JAWA Ambassadors' invite to Merc Gauntlet April, 25th

Discussion in 'Event Invites' started by JAWAMooku, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. JAWAMooku


    Apr 4, 2017
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    This one will be a new type of event for me! JAWA looks forward to playing this match with you guys! :)


    Event name:
    Merc Gauntlet - JAWA and SO

    Host name: (JAWA)JediMooku

    Support: (JAWA)CouncilFrosty

    Date+Time: Tuesday, April 25th / 4 PM EST

    Location: (JAWA) Server

    Gametype: FFA

    Map: mp/ffa5 (Taspir FFA)


    Two teams line up as their members commence in one-on-one gun fights against each other.


    - Two captains will pick their teams.

    - Each team forms a line. One team will be at the high sniper platform on the mp/ffa5 map. The other team will be at the lower, more open platform.

    - The players at the front of each line will be the first two combatants. The fights will take place at the center platform.

    - All players will be Merc'd (all weapons and full ammo). Players fight each other using guns, mines, etc.

    - When one players dies, he/she goes to the back of his/her team's line, and the next person enters the shooting range. The winner of the previous fight will continue with current health, armor, and ammunition.

    - Weapons may ONLY be fired by the two players on the shooting range. Players on the shooting range may only fired at the current opponent.

    - Because of the FFA game mode, teams will need to be uniform in their skins. One team will be Rebels (/model rebel). The other team will be Stormtroopers (/model stormtrooper).

    - Score will be kept. The first team to reach 30 kills wins.
  2. Xanadus


    Jan 1, 2017
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    Sounds fun, I'll be there.