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Role play: Towards Korriban

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    Hello. Time to announce a new chapter in The Runaway Saga.

    Date: Saturday, 11th of March.
    Time: 3 PM EST, 9 PM CET/UTC+1
    Server: Phantom Academy
    Map: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1966-x-sithtemple/

    The starting point: After a trial in the jedi council and a successful interpretation of the holocron, our runners now know the general location for the knowledge they've been looking for: hidden in one of the ancient Korriban tombs.

    Summary of the previous role play:

    Our runners entered a quarantined and abandoned facility on the planet Xantemis. After a long and almost a lethal struggle with reckless and rogue scientific test subjects, they managed to escape the facility barely alive with the data holocron in their possession. Zagara and Guns were infected by them however, which lead to Guns losing his arm and Zagara falling into a psychosis. She was rendered unconscious and escorted in a medical bay once the runners returned to Coruscant.

    Back in the jedi temple, Raena and Jax had a short debrief about the latest events with the council and after the meeting, a cryptologist was hired to decrypt the holocron and reveal its content, while the council prepared to start a trial for the sith assassin Jenny. The cryptologist discovered that the holocron contained a message that claimed the next piece of the puzzle to be found somewhere in the ancient Sith tombs of Korriban.

    For the potential new participants, the Saga intro and the whole story so far:

    In the first official chapter of the Runaway Saga, the Jedi padawan Raena crashed on the planet of Nar Shaddaa after she managed to escape from an abduction performed by two hired mercenaries. There, a private investigator Jax was hired by Raena's master Valen to find her and bring her to him. Meanwhile, a sith lord called Darth Dunamis arrived on the planet and hired two mercenaries to find Raena and bring her to him. After an endless game of cat & mouse, both jedi master Valen and the sith lord Dunamis failed to obtain the possession of Raena Tradek. The crime lord known as Shotto appeared in the scene with his HK droids, kidnapped Raena with the assistance of his HK droids and departed the planet, with Raena and the private detective Jax on board. Master Valen died, and Darth Dunamis prepared to track Shotto's shuttle with the registry files he successfully managed to acquire.
    Raena and Jax were escorted on one of the slave camps of Tatooine, owned by a local crime syndicate led by Shotto. Darth Dunamis arrived on the planet, and an open conflict occurred between Darth Dunamis, the people of the slave camp and the criminal syndicate led by Shotto. In the ultimate outcome, Shotto was killed by Dunamis, and Dunamis himself was seemingly killed by one of the slave rebels and an ex mercenary, Dedric Jones, who teamed up with Jax, the former slaver Guns and Raena in order to escape the slave camp. The operation succeeded and the four left the planet with a parked shuttle.

    On board a shuttle, Jax, Raena, Guns and Dedric were on their way to Coruscant to return Raena back to the Jedi temple. However, the ship went through an unexpected malfunction, and they're forced to perform an emergency landing on a nearby planet with escape pods.

    Raena, Jax, Guns and Dedric accompanied by an HK droid were forced to land on Taris to fix their ship that had gone through a malfunction. The planet was occupied by Sith and the Exchange forces so they spent their time searching for resources while avoiding getting recognized and caught. Guns was taken into a hospital and left there in the chaos. The sneak plan failed and after a long struggle, the three finally managed to escape and flee to Coruscant, tho they had to use an escape shuttle because a reckless Sith stowaway almost destroyed the ship.

    On Coruscant, a large debrief was held in the jedi council and also among the Sith and Exchange. It was revealed that Raena was a clone of a now long gone jedi who possessed an ability to resurrect dead people and that the Sith were highly likely after her because of this fact. The council wanted Raena to find a data storage that contained this knowledge uploaded there by her progenitor, before the Sith or the Exchange discovered it. Raena was promoted to Jedi Knight and Jax became her padawan, as he was a force-sensitive.
    The Exchange and the Sith decided to form a temporary alliance due to similar interests. Dedric Jones had fluently finished his job, so he departed the crew with a good compensation and a mercenary and a rogue jedi Zagara was recruited as a security guard for Jax and Raena as they headed towards new locations with the HK droid still with them. Aboard the shuttle, it was revealed that the HK droid had two allies on the shuttle and together they revealed their hostility for Raena, Jax, Zagara and Guns who sought them out after his recovery on Taris. Outnumbered, the three fled to an escape shuttle and the HK droids took Guns as their prisoner and took a course back to Taris. The three decided to follow and return on Taris to free Guns.

    On Taris, our runners aimed to rescue the abducted Guns from the grasp of the Exchange. This was just a fraud arranged by Lotto to offer a deal for the runners and to obtain information from Guns. They decided to cooperate, and Lotto would get additional help and information from them to revolt against the Sith, and in return the Exchange would protect them. Our runners were given a ship & HK droids and Guns was freed.
    After Taris, our runners returned to Nar Shaddaa because it was hinted to be the first location that would lead them on the tracks of the holocron. Zagara departed to check out her regular contacts, while Raena, Jax and Guns looked for the Republic informant they were supposed to meet up with from the city centre. They succeeded, but the Sith had assassins wandering the city, who managed to locate the runners. Also the republic informant revealed in private to Jax, that should Raena go rogue or turn to the dark side, Jax would have to kill her.
    Meanwhile, Dedric Jones had come into town, offering information and protection from the Sith, if the runners followed him into his apartment. Dedric had received a call from someone inside the Jedi council who claimed that Zagara was suspicious. Worried, Dedric hacked a data storage, which stated that Zagara had connections to the Sith. Jax got suspicious and called jedi master Rayce, who advised them to remain cautious. As the runners discussed the events and the deal with the Exchange in Dedric's apartment, the sith assassin Jenny was secretly listening to them outside the apartment and preparing to attack with her associates.
    The runners fought with the Sith and escaped Nar Shaddaa with all the essential information, but the ship got damaged whilst an attack by Jenny.
    In the ship, Jax and Raena confronted Zagara for her possible betrayal. Zagara got offended, revealing her whole history to them and so giving them a strong evidence about not being a traitor. This spread the suspicion to not only Zagara, but towards Dedric and someone in the Jedi council as well. The three also rescued a lone republic agent who had rammed his ship to an asteroid. He was revealed as captain Protonfire, who knew Jax's father, and offered to help fixing some of the ship's major damages.
    After cleaning some of the bad air, the runners took a course towards Alzoc 3 in order to fully repair the damaged ship.

    Meanwhile, the Sith council gave Jenny one last chance to prove herself by tracking down the runners and capturing Raena. Jenny informed them about the Exchange's betrayal and left. The others instead performed an open assault against the Exchange, destroying their fleet on Taris and driving Lotto out of his base. He managed to escape.

    Our runners arrived at Alzoc 3 in order to fix their ship. After they landed, The Runners spent their time by crawling in sewers, chasing for drunken thugs, having lots of messy dialog, teasing psychotic mayors, face-palming at incredibly unprofessional cops, constantly getting stuck in evil elevators and taking the sith Jenny as a prisoner and then departing with a repaired ship. Along with that Jax, Raena, Zagara and Guns strengthened their personal relations and cooking skills. After that, they took a course towards the planet of Xantemis, following the lead they were given by their information contact back on Nar Shaddaa.

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