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Invite Roleplay: "The Man They Call Guns"

Discussion in 'Events' started by Rayce, Sep 2, 2017.

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    GUUUUNS! The man they call GUUUUUNS! He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor. Stood up to the Sith and he gave 'em what for. Zagara's love for him now, is still hard to explain. The hero of Balmorra, the man they call Guns!
    (Sorry, I just had to. I'll shut up now.)

    This is the next chapter in The SIS Files, our ongoing saga. This event will take place on the new SØ RP server (so.jk3.in:29071), and will (hopefully) make use of the RPG mod created by Zyk. This is a closed event, and as such, the server will be passworded. If you are a newcomer and wish to participate, contact me on Discord (Commander Awesome#5183), for more details on joining. All participants must read the rules and download our skin pack. Downloading the ZykMod client is not required but recommended.

    Here is the starting point:
    After retrieving some crucial information locked inside their assassin droid about an enemy bioweapon, a team of Republic agents head for Balmorra to meet with a mercenary named "Guns", an ally of the Jedi who may have further knowledge about this threat. However, a traitor may be among them....
    Events take place in late 3620 BBY.

    This session is expected to feature the following maps:
    Be advised: other mod maps may be used as well. If you do not have a particular map, a link will be sent to you on Discord.

    In the wake of a devastating invasion by the Sith Empire, the Republic's Strategic Information Service (SIS) assembled an elite team of agents tasked with sabotaging the Sith war effort any way they can. Their first mission involved investigating a mining corporation, which, while successful, resulted in the death of two teammates by Imperial Intelligence, who had been tipped off about their operation. However, they had acquired an HK-55 assassin droid along the way, which previously belonged to the currently Mandalorian-controlled Exchange syndicate.

    After their team was replenished with two new members, they were sent on a much larger long-term assignment, to investigate and, if possible, destroy the Empire's latest weapon: the Infected. Vicious, intelligent genetically engineered reptilian monstrosities that can mutate their prey just as easily as they can outright kill it. Searching for answers, the team raided an Imperial research base, but, unfortunately, other than the arm of a victim, not many useful or relevant clues were found. However, while fighting one of the creatures, which had stuck aboard their starship, they discovered that the HK droid had encountered them before, but his old memories have been locked deep inside his core, and can only be accessed by his original programmers.

    They then traveled to a small town on Tatooine ruled by the Exchange, hoping they would know where to find these programmers. Under the guise of freelance mercenaries for hire, they met with their leader, Lotto, and offered to deliver some cargo to Coruscant in exchange (pun intended) for the information. Before leaving, they also picked up a new passenger, a civilian seeking passage to Coruscant to deliver a message, and were attacked by some mutinous thugs for their cargo. After the scum and villainy were dealt with, the HK unit gave some ominous warnings about what our agents were bringing aboard. Despite this, they continued on to the Republic capital.

    Upon arrival, they were menaced by assassins who were also interested in what they were carrying, as well as an agent of the Empire, who revealed the horrifying truth: those boxes contained the virus, and they just brought it right to the heart of the Republic. Utterly shocked and devastated over how they'd been manipulated, the team quickly escaped the planet and flew back to Tatooine to bring the civilian home and confront Lotto, who revealed he also brought the virus to the Sith capital of Dromund Kass, and that the Infection was already about to begin, so killing him would accomplish nothing. But luckily, he also kept to his end of the deal and gave the location of one of the programmers. Unfortunately, this person is locked up on Belsavis, the Republic's largest and most secure prison colony. However, the team still has the SIS on their side, who are willing to help them get in, and the civilian they've been helping works for a large data center, whose database she can access remotely, and has decided to join the crew.

    Unfortunately, the programmer was not very cooperative, and refused to work on the droid unless they helped him escape. However, the team was able to fool him into giving away the location of original droid factory, which is on Ord Mantell. Upon leaving Belsavis, however, the team discovered that another prisoner, Desiraye Fengris, had escaped and stowed away on their ship. The crew quickly became split over what to do with him, with two members threatening to return him to the prison, but they eventually agreed to allow him to join them - under heavy guard. On Mantell, they were attacked by more Sith forces, who revealed someone's been leaking information to them. This revelation has begun to shatter the trust between the agents. Despite this, however, they were able to successfully recover the information from the droid.

    When inspecting this data, they were able to track down one of the members of the old strike team the droid was a part of, a Jedi Knight named Jax Pavan. He told them of his previous encounters with the Infected, and discussed their possible origins. Having other important matters to attend to, the Jedi is unable to join the team, and so suggested the team go meet his old mercenary friend and comrade, Guns, who he believed to currently be on Balmorra.

    Approx September 25-30, 2017
    (Or possibly later if most of us aren't available that week.)
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