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Saber Stratagem

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Frost, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Frost

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    What if we played a game like chess, but implemented jka into it. Anything goes so long as it is practical. We wouldn't play against each other, 'cause that's impractical. Making rules for such a game that worked would be improbable. So what if we just did this as a sort of mind exercise? Exempli gratia:

    My opponent is a passive single-strong user. They usually swing twice before jumping back in retreat. If I time an aerial on his exit I could knock him out in one or two goes. I can lure him in with some yellow a-delays and then switch to red d-swing for a follow through.

    Now I didn't write out how it would play out because that would be one sided and of course my plan would work. But that's the point of this, to have a plan. What if we don't have a plan? Then we swing and flail around the duel ring like a bunch of monkeys who lost their bananas. Then again, most people don't need a plan. All they have to do is use a preset attack pattern and wait to see who messes up first.

    Ah, but there's that one word. Pattern. If they are using a pattern... Doesn't that mean they can be predicted and in turn, countered? Debatable, I suppose. There are people out there who have practiced ONE move only and have won every single duel with that ONE move. Even if their opponent knows what is coming, the execution is so well done that it can't be stopped. But rarely are any of our opponents that well versed. So if I were against someone well versed in one particular move, how would I defeat him? How would YOU defeat him?!

    Possible answers are far and varied. And ultimately up to you. Use that noggin of yours and figure out your opponent, and take them down from the inside. You don't always need fancy shmancy moves to win. You just need a well timed, well placed, mediocre move and victory is yours. True, a lot of the time combat can seem very one sided, boring, back and forth, and or pointless. But if you use your head, you could open a whole bunch of possibilities.

    It would seem I turned this into a lecture instead of a game. >_< I definitely should not be up at 3:35 in the morning writing pointless posts. But I wrote all this out so I'm gonna post it anyway. :s
  2. Valen

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    Jun 8, 2016
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    Really though, sounds interesting. We'd have to figure out how to make it much more practical for everyone that's playing.