June 2016 - July 2018

The time has come for Shadow Order to come to a close. It’s been a rough experience for me since the start of this clan, as many of you know. When I first thought of the idea of creating a clan, I wasn’t actually expecting to go through with it, because I knew it wouldn’t work out in the end. With support from a few other people, I ended up doing it and it caught on a lot quicker than I expected it to.

The past couple of years leading this clan overall were fun. I made some great friendships that I hope can remain. Anyone that was part of the clan made it what it was, I merely provided a platform for it to take place. I’m glad that you guys enjoyed it while it was there.

The reasons behind disbanding are things I’ve hinted at in past news posts. It is a combination of activity, motivation, and time. Activity has been at an all time low both from myself and most everyone else. When people are on, they are usually in other servers, so people wanting to get on to play see an empty server, but the people that are on other servers didn’t want to play on an empty server. It is a bad cycle that sometimes can’t be helped without people genuinely working towards building up our activity, which is a very hard thing to ask of someone in a 15 year old game. In addition, my own motivation to keep this clan afloat, let alone thriving, has been the lowest ever. I now have two jobs, so the free time I get is going to be spent doing things that don’t stress me out. Leading this clan successfully has been a part-time job, and having three jobs just isn’t something I can handle right now, and most definitely won’t be in the future.

I attempted to simply take a hiatus from the clan and the game, and let the Shadow Council take over, but it seems lack of interest in keeping the clan relevant is widespread, which I understand. I take full responsibility for not keeping the clan thriving like it was that first year, in 2016. I don’t think we would ever reach that level of activity and enthusiasm without me being jobless again to keep it that way.

The server will remain up and the settings stay the same. I know some people still like to visit the server for various reasons, and since the server was gifted to me, it isn’t costing me anything. Me and the previous Shadow Council will keep administration and RCON permissions and can potentially be given to others if it is ever needed.

The Shadow Order Discord server will remain up as well, as it has always been our primary means of communication. The forum, however, will be archived. This site will be the new landing page for the foreseeable future.

Will the Shadow Order ever return? Maybe. Probably not in Jedi Academy. If another Star Wars game comes out that provides a good clan platform, I’ll be all in.

Lastly, I want to thank all of the past Shadow Order members. You all contributed to what this clan turned out to be, big or small. Special shoutout to the ones that put in a considerable amount of time and effort with hosting events and helping me shape the clan overall, you all know who you are.

• Valen/Circa

We all came out as friends and that's the purpose of a clan. For ragamuffins to find comrades in a place where they once had none. SØ will always have a special place in my heart.

• Frost, Shadow Council

SØ was fun while it lasted. You all got me into JKA’s gameplay more than I thought I ever would just a few years ago. You all gave me a great time with events and just generally being a great group of likable individuals playing a game that we all share a passion for. I always appreciate being able to experience something again, but with a little extra fun and you all have given that to me. Rest In Peace Shadow Order clan. You will be missed and you will not be forgotten.

• Kwiat, Jedi

SØ was the second clan for me I ever joined but the first one I truly dedicated myself to and trained to get better at playing the game. I had great teachers and was always surrounded by great people. I will always cherish these memories I have from SO and I hope that we re-unite in the future somewhere, somehow!

• Rooxon, Jedi Consular

SØ was the first clan I ever put real time into, in any game. I still remember the day Valen/Circa recruited me. Back then I was a JA+ lurker noob just trying to get better at sabering. But while I came for that, I stayed for the community. And while I wouldn't exactly call myself a master duelist now, I've found something I wanted even more. For the first time I actually felt like I was a part of something. Overall, my time spent in the clan didn't feel like a waste, in fact I'm glad I joined, because of the friends I've made during my time in it. While my future in JKA is uncertain, I will most definitely stay here and keep in touch.

• Rayce, Jedi Knight

SØ was the first clan I ever joined and it was awesome because I always felt like I had tons of fun, I remember always trying to learn the game on my own and never truly getting the hang of it, but you guys never gave up on me. Thanks to you guys, I was able to improve my skill enough so that I could consider myself somewhat decent and actually be able to duel people from other clans competently and even win some duels here and there against some of the tougher opponents. The Shadow Cups and tag team events, hosting my own tournament, this clan, and every single one of you helped me realize at least a bit of my full potential, not to mention having tons of fun along the way, making some good friends. Even though I wasn't around for a lot of it, I've always missed you guys. You were all awesome, and Circa was probably one of the best leaders of any clan, I've never seen someone dedicate themselves so hard to being a leader but also a friend. Not once when I talked to him did I ever feel talked down to. I always felt like we were talking on an equal level, and thats something thats damn good to see in any leader. He could also be stern and let you know when you were wrong, but at the same time, never making you feel like garbage for it, like a lot of leader's could do. He was fair. Nine, 527th, Rayce, Xanadus, Art, Frost, everyone, all of you were awesome friends, and great clanmates. RIP Shadow Order, gone but never forgotten.

• Lord of Hate, Jedi Consular

While Shadow Order as an entity is coming to a close, nothing will subtract from the fact that I have made good friends and good memories while a part of it. I regret to see it end, but I don't regret all the new people I can call my friends or all the laughs I have had over the years. Some of my best memories have been made while I was a part of SØ, and for that reason it will always stay with me as the pinnacle of what a good clan should be. Friends who enjoy each others company on a game we all love. It will rest easy at the very apex of my gaming experience, remembered in favorable light for as long as I'm around. Thank you Shadow Order, and thank you everyone that was part of it. I love you all.

• NineOne, Jedi Knight