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Keeping it casual

Your focus determines your reality.  -Qui-Gon Jinn

We are a tight-knit group of Star Wars fans that just likes to casually hop into games and have some fun. We began in the game Jedi Academy, but have branched to other games like The Old Republic, Battlefront, COD, and others. We still hop in JKA occasionally, and still have our server up and running. Sometimes that means just a big FFA or private duels, sometimes it's just chilling and exploring custom maps, or sometimes we'll have an event or two.

The goal for our group is to keep the pressure off of anyone who joins. No hardcore competition, no climbing the ladder to the top rank of the clan, no strict activity requirements. We have members, moderators, and admins. There is no system to work within. Mods and admins are all promoted by a case by case basis.

Of course, you don't even have to join us to enjoy our server or even our events. You can simply just come hang out. Joining us means you like us enough to stick around and maybe help out with coordinating events or just growing the community.

Learn of our history as a clan on the JKHub wiki.

  • Star Wars: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Star Wars: Battlefront I & II (2017)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
All non-Star Wars gaming we do is under a sub-clan called RAVEN III. (Excluding ESO). This is a smaller group that we give into shooters and party games like Call of Duty, Halo, Ghost Recon, Grounded, etc. That group can be found at raven.li.


Roleplay elements

Simple rank system

Variety of games

No pressure to join

No toxicity

Organized events

Learn how to play

Improve your skills

Casual gameplay

Learn to mod the game

Make new friends

A server to call home

Ranks & Rules

We keep it simple


Shadow Leader

Team Leader

Leader of the Shadow Order. Makes big picture decisions and facilitates everything along with the council.

  • Focuses on the management side of the clan
  • Manages the website, Discord, and game server
  • Meets with the Jedi Rangers to discuss anything major or minor in regards to the clan's operations

Jedi Ranger

Elite Member

The Rangers are traditionally the bulk of the clan and help run it smoothly. They've been around awhile and help make decisions as a group that focus on fun, safety, and general operability.

Jedi Knight


Knights are the the general or new members of the clan. They are dedicated server patrons and players that want to be part of the Shadow Order family and to see it grow and succeed.

Jedi Initiate


Initiates are the new recruits that apply to join the clan. All Initiates go through a trial phase to determine if they are going to stick around and are a good fit for the group. Trial periods typically last a few weeks depending on the recruit's activity.


General rules

  • Don't be a jerk, first and foremost. The easiest and simplest rule. This includes creating a hostile environment towards others. Respect others and play nice.
  • Speak in English when possible. Occasional non-English conversations are fine.
  • Keep your Shadow Order tags in your name when on our servers and parties when possible. You don't need to keep them on other servers or parties, but do remember you represent our clan, even without them.
  • Multi-clanning is allowed, unless it affects your activity in this clan.
  • Swearing is allowed, but insults are not. Keep drama to a minimum. If you have an issue with a member, bring it to the attention of the council, take a break, cool off. Starting petty squabbles is silly.

Game rules

Jedi Academy
  • Try to stick with one name. If you use multiple aliases, make one your own, at least in this clan. It gets confusing to newcomers, and especially those that don't speak good English.
  • The phenomenon known as "laming" does not exist on our JKA servers. Laming is killing someone with their saber off and/or their chat bubble is up. Unless someone is genuinely getting upset about it, lame all you want.
  • Voting is enabled on the JKA server, however if people deny your request for a map or gametype change, don't spam it. You could find yourself vote kicked for being obnoxious. And don't vote for a change if people are genuinely having a good time where they're at. Even if you get majority to vote for yours, those that didn't want it might never come back to our server.
  • Recruiting is allowed on our servers and groups, to an extent. Spamming recruitment messages, just like spamming anything, is annoying and won't be tolerated for long.
The Old Republic
  • Do not recruit unless given permission. We aren't a massive guild that recruits every random player we see.
  • If the guildmaster rank gets moved to your character due to an inactive subscription, give the rank back to whatever character had it before. Setting the guild to FTP is perfectly fine.
  • Only take money from the guild bank as a loan that you intend to pay back. This isn't a strict rule, but it helps keep the money available to anyone who may need or want it for whatever reason.
  • Do not change the guild's stronghold decorations unless discussed with leadership. We are okay with people to make changes but let's all be on for it and discuss it together if possible.

Lead Admin

Shadow Leader



Callsign: Circa
Leader of the Shadow Order


Jedi Rangers

Member picture


Callsign: Spartan


Jedi Knights

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Our basejka server

Who's online

This is a basejka server running OpenJK located on the east coast of the US.

/connect so.jk3.in

Mods and maps we use



Join the Order

How does a promising young adept join the ranks of the Shadow Order?

We are not recruiting

Normally we'd love to have you, however we are currently not recruiting. This page will be updated as soon as we are though. Stick around!

Keep up with us

Stay up to date with what is going on in the clan either on the forum, the Discord, or various social accounts below. Attending events is a good place to be noticed!